Thursday, 2 June 2016

Our last blog post

As we have finished Exhibition, this is the last blog post as a group and we want to do it as a group so we can share our different perspectives together. Because we are at the end we are going to reflect on our collaboration as well as tell you our action plans. In our group we feel during exhibition we have achieved giving our message strongly and powerfully to other people. But as a group next time, we will be more collaborative and try to  resolve the conflict because we sometimes make little arguments over nothing. Some examples are when our group couldn't decide  a color scheme for our poster.

If you are reading this you may wonder through all this time what is Our Action? If you are really passionate about the littering problem  you can also help just by letting your family
and your sphere of influence know the horrible effects of litter, and here are our action plans.

Josh,  I am going to try and convince my family and friends to pick up litter if it is not too dirty, I am also going to try and get them to put things in the recycling or waste bin before they leave to different places or move to places.

Olivia, I'm going to tell my friends and family about litter and the consequences from the litter.

Alim, I am going to tell my family about all of the horrible effects of littering and after it becomes a habit to not litter I will try to spread the message in my communities because I know that littering has a lot of terrifying consequences so I will try to do as much as I can to prevent littering in my communities.  

Elina, “I am going to tell my family & friends to be more aware if they litter telling them why I think they might be littering and how to stop it.”

All in all, we have similar topics and those topics are to make changes in our spheres of influence and maybe if we achieve this we might try to make a difference in wider communities and maybe even different cities. We would also like to thank several people. The people are…

Ley choo, Ben Morley, Sarawani, Mrs Hillier and our parents
We would also like to thank our teacher Sarah La Caze and our mentor Deborah Gordon.