Thursday, 5 May 2016

Resilience within our group

In our group, I think one of the main qualities we have shown is resilience. We have shown resilience because we have kept going if we see a problem and then we overcome it. This shows resilience as we are looking at problems as a learning opportunity, This way we can learn if we make a mistake or we do something we could avoid. I know this happened to me because when I was sending a meeting request with our mentor via email, I made a spelling mistake in the letter and then in google calendar I put two meeting hours in one day. But from that, I learnt to read, re-read and double check spelling. I am also using Grammarly which helps a lot with grammar and spelling.


  1. Hi Josh, This is Nathaniel
    I agree that you have shown resilience, and you also put in evidence which helps me understand why you've shown resilience. What other Qualities Have you shown?

  2. Hi Josh, this is Keanu.

    I agree with you that you have shown resilience because of the evidence you gave me and because sometimes at Exhibition I look over at your group and it looks like you are working very hard.