Thursday, 5 May 2016

Digging deeper

In our group, we have been digging deeper into our questions and research. Looking at our research that we had gathered we found things that came up often and made sub-questions. Using those sub-questions we tried to dig deeper int our original questions so we had more specific information about it. I found this helpful because the questions are narrower so that it's easier to understand. We also looked back at what we had so that we can make it more realistic and focused on our community.


  1. Great post Elina,

    I think that narrowing our questions down really helped. I like how you talked about the steps of narrowing it down not just we narrowed it down done you added why you narrowed it down.
    I really liked your post it was really good maybe next time you coule work on editing.

  2. Elina it is great to hear you are working to break your inquiry into smaller questions to make it easier to explore. Next time examples of the questions that you made smaller. This will give your readers a better context of what you are talking about and can use it as a model for their own questioning.

    Remember to include an appropriate image.