Thursday, 12 May 2016

Before and Now in Group Collaboration

Here I talk about group collaboration (Before and now) Enjoy... Josh


  1. Thanks for this thoughtful reflection on collaboration and what you have learned. I can also see that you are trying out strategies like using facial expressions and pausing to help your viewer understand and think carefully about the message you are sharing. Well done Josh

  2. Hi Josh, I agree with you about your group has to bond and trust each other to be successful. I like the way that you made a lot of expressions at the right times. Also I liked how you made it really entertaining and fun to watch but at the same time you are sharing a clear message.

  3. Hi Josh,
    I think that you did a good job and I think that your message about group collaboration was true.
    I liked how you made your message clear and did not go on and on and on.
    Maybe next time you could try and give a few more solutions to how to have better group collaboration.