Tuesday, 10 May 2016

As a group, we should...

Because of recent group discussions, I have been thinking about what we as a group we should do. I have been thinking and it connected to the 5 stages of group development...
- Forming
- Storming
- Norming
- Performing
- Adjourning
These all represent from the start of a group to the end. If we do not understand these stages a group can become unstable and have conflict. Although Storming includes conflict it means minor disagreements and/or little arguments.

I also think a group should be able to go into boys and girls because joining with different genders allows a different perspective and no matter what, This is crucial for a group. Different perspectives give valuable ideas about grammar, Performing, Organising, Making stuff and of course many more.

In summary as a group, we should...

  • Strong respect to one another
  • Use and understand the 5 stages of group development
  • Value different perspectives 
And of course the most important...

If we use all of these points a group can become successful and not have to worry about much. I would advise you to use these when you are in a group


  1. Josh thanks for sharing your thinking about group work and identifying some of the important ingredients for successful group work.

  2. I am a student from singapore and I like how you were able to clearly point out the group developmental stages. Also, great work writing these amazing blog posts.

  3. Josh, the summary is very well concluded. Could you elaborate on how gender helps to get different perspectives? 😊