Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How I am feeling in Exhibition

Exhibition has been getting more serious. I know think that it is more tenses then before. Before it was easy and not as much time limit we where doing the same thing every day. But know we are doing something different everyday and getting closer. I am excited for it I feel that we are at a more of a fun stage. I am looking forward to making posters for Exhibition.

"Bouncing Back.pdf." Google Docs. N.p., n.d. Web. 19 May 2016. 

Staying on task

I have thought of several important reasons why we should stay on task...

Because Exhibition is an important subject if we go off task we can go really slow and it takes us way more time than it should do to finish Exhibition. And our presentation is terrible.

The more we are off task the more trouble you are in. So if  someone was playing a video game they will be told off and that would be annoying. Because you could do more valuable stuff.

If you are off topic its useless I mean what's the poin't ?

I have given you these reasons but if you still are off topic most of the time than you should follow these tips...

  • Close all distracting tabs
  • If possible move from distracting people
  • Set yourself a goal to complete in the time you have today
  • Stay focused
I hope this information was usefull
- Josh

Monday, 16 May 2016


This week in Exhibition we have been pulling together our research.
We have interviewed some people on litter and we have got all the research in one spot.
Today we worked on finding the main idea of our presentation/research it's not so easy.

When we were finding our main idea we had the ideas to what our main idea was, we just could not word it properly. We still don't know our main idea, it's hard to think of what you want your audience to walk away with.

We are soon going to be planing the presentation and making the posters so we are thinking of images to go on the posters. We made a google doc to put our final research in and then we will go through the information and double check it.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Before and Now in Group Collaboration

Here I talk about group collaboration (Before and now) Enjoy... Josh

Sustainability Compass Vlog

MISO blog


How to write a formal email

Nearly finished researching

Me and my group are coming close to the end of our researching stage. We are at the make meaning stage. This is close to the end of Exhibition.

  1. Reasearch
  2. More research
  3. Make meaning 
  4. Present

Thigs that we need to get done before we finish the stage we are on. Like interview one more person and finish getting the research. In the make meaning stage/researching, we need to gather all of our research together. So that we can sort it out, find overlaps and get rid irrelevant information. We will have all information on one doc so we can synthesise it. As well turning notes into sentences for presenting. We probably won't spend long on the make meaning part. Because we will probably mix it with the presenting stage.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

As a group, we should...

Because of recent group discussions, I have been thinking about what we as a group we should do. I have been thinking and it connected to the 5 stages of group development...
- Forming
- Storming
- Norming
- Performing
- Adjourning
These all represent from the start of a group to the end. If we do not understand these stages a group can become unstable and have conflict. Although Storming includes conflict it means minor disagreements and/or little arguments.

I also think a group should be able to go into boys and girls because joining with different genders allows a different perspective and no matter what, This is crucial for a group. Different perspectives give valuable ideas about grammar, Performing, Organising, Making stuff and of course many more.

In summary as a group, we should...

  • Strong respect to one another
  • Use and understand the 5 stages of group development
  • Value different perspectives 
And of course the most important...

If we use all of these points a group can become successful and not have to worry about much. I would advise you to use these when you are in a group

Awareness Amongst People About Litter

We all know that littering is a problem. Or do we, Sometimes people don't know how big of an impact littering has in our communities and it is our responsibility as the new generation of kids to
help inform them about the affect. As I said some people don't know that littering has a big affect
on our planet and it's life, so as the representatives of UWC we have everything it takes to make a
difference. Littering harms the Earth and it's life by creating pollution (sometimes hazardous) and some animals eat it because they think it is delicious food however later they die. Don't you feel bad?
If you do (you probably) YOU can take action. Some strategies are :

1.  Create Posters for you community
2. Create a vlog or video and post it
3. Write a pass-on letter
4. Create a campaign on litter and how it is bad

Monday, 9 May 2016

Learning from Exhibition

This week in Exhibition we have been focusing on researching.
Next week we want to start finishing up our research and organise it.
We are finding the division of tasks is challenging us because one person wants to do a specific task   that another person wants to do or is already doing. A solution we found helped us in the past few days is to equally share the job's so every gets a chance to be in charge and share ideas.

I have been researching and found that Veolia is a big part of Singapore's garbage and litter, they clean up Singapore's litter. My group and I decided that talking to Veolia would help us with our research so we have emailed Veolia.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Digging deeper

In our group, we have been digging deeper into our questions and research. Looking at our research that we had gathered we found things that came up often and made sub-questions. Using those sub-questions we tried to dig deeper int our original questions so we had more specific information about it. I found this helpful because the questions are narrower so that it's easier to understand. We also looked back at what we had so that we can make it more realistic and focused on our community.

Resilience within our group

In our group, I think one of the main qualities we have shown is resilience. We have shown resilience because we have kept going if we see a problem and then we overcome it. This shows resilience as we are looking at problems as a learning opportunity, This way we can learn if we make a mistake or we do something we could avoid. I know this happened to me because when I was sending a meeting request with our mentor via email, I made a spelling mistake in the letter and then in google calendar I put two meeting hours in one day. But from that, I learnt to read, re-read and double check spelling. I am also using Grammarly which helps a lot with grammar and spelling.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Finding out more about litter

This week we have been focusing on researching about litter.  I have found out a lot of things to do with litter such as:

  • Singapore employs 52,000 cleaners just to pick up our litter.  Straits Times

  • Sitting rubbish can also be a problem in hot climates like Singapore because it can start fires. In 2014, there were over 300 fires that started due to rubbish in Singapore.
I have found out so much from researching, our next step is to interview people about litter.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Me As A Team Member

In our team we have two boys and two girls (I am included) but me in particular I think that I am very productive because I do a good amount of work and I always want to do something. Sometimes we have a few disagreements and if I am trying to convince someone I try to look out of the comfort
zone and try to see what is the best for our group. Also I think that I always encourage our group to
do more and not go off task however I noticed that I don't do it as much as the first few weeks into Exhibition so I have to work on that. I think I am also kind of there for Josh mentally because I think
it would be a little boring for him to be by himself for all the weeks.