Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Time mangement

In our group we have been managing our tasks set for the day as well as homework.
But I think we could get it done faster so we have more time to do other stuff as well. We are managing our time but we sometimes have fights that slow as down. We are not behind in anything. We have also have come far in our research. So far we have gathered information to 3 questions now we are sorting it out and gathering more.


  1. Good job Elina.
    You gave some examples of what we did well and what was not so good. I think we made grate process. Maybe in your next blog you could add a solution to help us stop fighting or to help other groups.

  2. Elina its great that you are sorting out things easily because it can get very stressful if you keep fighting so great job!

  3. You presented your groups time management abilities in a clear way and put in some detail about how you guys are doing. Good Job.

  4. Hi Elina, I think conflict is normal in the storming stage, so don't worry about it too much. What are some of the strategies you can use to resolve your conflicts?

    You and your group's research seems to be going pretty well, though, remember we have this whole week and a bit of next week too for researching further, so don't stop here just yet.

    It is a good thing that you and your group are managing your homework tasks well.