Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Teamwork In Our Group

Teamwork In Our Group

In our group we have been collaborating and communicating a lot. I think in our group we have been
getting a lot of work done however sometimes we have disagreement but most of the time they go
away pretty quickly because we think about if it is important or if it is just a stupid one. Sometimes if we finish a lot of work we seem to go a little of topic however there is always this one person in our group who pulls us back on track witch is great and all but we also have to be self managers and
not go off task no matter the win, there is more on the way. I also noticed that we have not been encouraging each other lately because maybe they don't know that it will fill their bucket plus it is
just a word or a sentence that will make your group happy and they would probably want to do more.

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  1. Dear Alim,
    I like how you shared your group's arguments/disagreements. However, have you ever thought that some of your arguments/disagreements might be good? Our group is at the "Storming" stage as well.

    Maurice from Team Cyber Savers