Monday, 25 April 2016

Littering because they can't see you?

I found a link to straits times which taught me that many people in Singapore have become used to the fact that cleaners are always there to clean up after them or they don’t clean up because they are to lazy to walk to a trash can. These are two quotes I found
  • "People litter because they don't care, and they don't care because they don't get caught," said bank analyst Jason Ng, 24.
  • National University of Singapore sociologist Paulin Straughan said there are those who litter to test their boundaries.
They both clearly state that people litter because they want to test other’s mindsets, But I realised it mostly because they realise they are not being watched, But they give clear evidence that they have been there because of the amount of trash they leave behind them, If they think that they are not being watched they are wrong because singapore has lots of witnesses and they have security cameras so people should watch where they trash.
In summary you shouldn’t think about trashing because no one can see you instead be aware and put trash where it belongs, in the bin


  1. Thanks Josh for sharing your ideas about this article you found.

    Before moving to Singapore I thought that people didn't litter and that was why the city had such a good reputation around the world for being clean. I was disappointed when I moved here and realised it was not so much that people didn't litter but that there were many cleaners who were very good at their job.

  2. Thanks Ms La Caze
    When I moved here I also thought there wasn't that much litter too
    If you want an interesting statistic over 52,000 cleaners are employed for litter control "straits times"

  3. Dear Josh,
    I like how you told us (the audience) about what you read and the information you took from it. What are you doing to stop littering? I also think that littering is a big problem. I suggest that you could take action right now, here at the school by picking up rubbish you see.

    Many Thanks, Maurice from Team Cyber Savers