Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning from other's experiences

Today we got the opportunity to talk with 2 people who have done exhibition - The grade 6’s and the grade 5 SAIS students. When we were talking to the grade 6’s I learnt some valuable information some important things I found out were…
  • Don’t send out a form or google sheets to early because you might not have all the questions you want
  • Contribute equally otherwise, you may end up with stress and arguments, also try to be a risk taker and try out new things
  • Make sure that you finish things before the deadline and listen and discuss problems with your mentors

I want to try to do new things in my group and take this advice so that our group ends up with a good and informative piece so I can teach people within my community about littering and how it impacts Humans, Animals, and the environment.

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