Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Time mangement

In our group we have been managing our tasks set for the day as well as homework.
But I think we could get it done faster so we have more time to do other stuff as well. We are managing our time but we sometimes have fights that slow as down. We are not behind in anything. We have also have come far in our research. So far we have gathered information to 3 questions now we are sorting it out and gathering more.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Teamwork In Our Group

Teamwork In Our Group

In our group we have been collaborating and communicating a lot. I think in our group we have been
getting a lot of work done however sometimes we have disagreement but most of the time they go
away pretty quickly because we think about if it is important or if it is just a stupid one. Sometimes if we finish a lot of work we seem to go a little of topic however there is always this one person in our group who pulls us back on track witch is great and all but we also have to be self managers and
not go off task no matter the win, there is more on the way. I also noticed that we have not been encouraging each other lately because maybe they don't know that it will fill their bucket plus it is
just a word or a sentence that will make your group happy and they would probably want to do more.

This weeks Exhibition

Currently in Exhibition our group is struggling to stay on task and it is a bit hard to stay focused.
We are finding access to the computers a distraction one way to keep us focused is to ensure that every one has a set task to complete. Another way to stay on task is to turn your computer screen to show every one what you're doing.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Littering because they can't see you?

I found a link to straits times which taught me that many people in Singapore have become used to the fact that cleaners are always there to clean up after them or they don’t clean up because they are to lazy to walk to a trash can. These are two quotes I found
  • "People litter because they don't care, and they don't care because they don't get caught," said bank analyst Jason Ng, 24.
  • National University of Singapore sociologist Paulin Straughan said there are those who litter to test their boundaries.
They both clearly state that people litter because they want to test other’s mindsets, But I realised it mostly because they realise they are not being watched, But they give clear evidence that they have been there because of the amount of trash they leave behind them, If they think that they are not being watched they are wrong because singapore has lots of witnesses and they have security cameras so people should watch where they trash.
In summary you shouldn’t think about trashing because no one can see you instead be aware and put trash where it belongs, in the bin

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Learning From The Experts

 Learning From The Experts

Today after break time our class and several others took a bus to SAIS school. When I first went into the area of the Exhibition I already saw a lot of creative and beautiful presentations. There were a lot of different topics and in each room there were more and more wonderful presentations to learn from. They were very creative because they had all those extra things such as pictures, brochures, videos, Games, and more. They also gave really good information in a fun way.
Today before we went to SAIS a
 few grade 6 kids came to our class to help us with our Exhibitions. They gave us a lot of valuable information and here are the main ones: An important part of Exhibition Is communication because you have to talk to your group members, you also need to be aware of your time and you are using it because if you waste a lot of time you might not get important things done such as interviews, surveys and things like that. In my opinion this day we did a lot of valuable work and we learned a lot of things from the experts!

Olivia's Reflection

Recently the Grade six came to talk about their Exhibition experience and this helped me because they told us about how to deal with challenges in our group like don’t play on the computer all the time do some other things like write on paper instead so that you don’t get to off task. They told us that a big part of Exhibition was learning to work with different people and no matter how hard it is, in the end everyone manages to work together and get the work done. Our grade six buddy said that in her group there was only one person doing the work she said if that happens it's probably from playing on laptops so everyone should-should get to check each other's laptops to make sure we are doing the right thing. This time with the Grade six was helpful to learn about Exhibition.

Advice from the experts

Today we got a visit from the grade 6s who told us about Exhibition. The grade 6's said that the thing that they learnt most was being responsible. To them Exhibition really built up on self manger, resilience and self aware because that made them more independent which linked into being responsible.

Today we also visited SAIS who had finished their Exhibition. Something that they did but I want to avoid is that everyone talking at the same time. In their projects they did talk about stuff that made it sustainable so I need to include that.

Learning from other's experiences

Today we got the opportunity to talk with 2 people who have done exhibition - The grade 6’s and the grade 5 SAIS students. When we were talking to the grade 6’s I learnt some valuable information some important things I found out were…
  • Don’t send out a form or google sheets to early because you might not have all the questions you want
  • Contribute equally otherwise, you may end up with stress and arguments, also try to be a risk taker and try out new things
  • Make sure that you finish things before the deadline and listen and discuss problems with your mentors

I want to try to do new things in my group and take this advice so that our group ends up with a good and informative piece so I can teach people within my community about littering and how it impacts Humans, Animals, and the environment.